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Emotionary Say what you feel:Maskedking

Cristina Núñez Pereira
Cristina Núñez Pereira Published in September 19, 2018, 7:03 pm
 Emotionary Say what you feel:Maskedking

Emotionary Say what you feel:Maskedking


Sandy Reply to on 10 June 2017
I felt this book was a bit expensive for what it actually turned out to be. I was hoping to use it with children I work with to help them identify their feelings but they don't seem to get along with it. They need to be at least 10+ to be able to read it.
Aqua4 Reply to on 16 December 2017
Bought this book for 15yr old who sometimes struggles with their emotional intelligence. The language used in the text is generally fitting for an older teen but some of the examples given are very young indeed eg reference to ‘your puppy chewing your favourite toy’ which doesn’t quite fit with some of the complex vocabulary used. The use of the term ‘fireman’ instead of ‘firefighter’ is just sloppy, not gender neutral and irritated me! I also wish the intro was without the ‘information for grown ups’ statement; again makes the book seem childish. However, despite this, I think it will be incredibly helpful and the illustrations are stunning. I feel there is missed potential with this book and I hope the beauty of the book isn’t ruined by 15yr old feeling insulted or patronised to have received a ‘children’s book’. I’m keeping the book as I consider there is more to like than not to like, but am a bit disappointed with it. I think as a guide, recommend for age 9 to 13. I think the language is too grown up for younger children to appreciate, but the examples are too young for older teens.
Mrs Anne walker
Mrs Anne walker Reply to on 5 June 2016
lovely book had dome great conversation with my 8 and 10 year old son with this book
McCook Reply to on 10 June 2016
Brilliant book. All my kids love it (between 4 and 9 years). Really helped explain emotions and beautiful artwork!
Ms Catriona L Campbell
Ms Catriona L Campbell Reply to on 24 March 2018
This is a really beautiful book and I love the design and approach. My only issue is that I frankly disagree with some of its messages; the bittersweet essence of nostalgia for instance is missed. I guess this might be due to translation, but mention as a note of caution if using this in teaching activities as in my view, it is over simplified and inaccurate.
DDShaw Reply to on 27 January 2017
This book is an absolute gem when working with children who have ASD. It's so clear, I use it daily
Nikx72 Reply to on 1 February 2017
Love this book. Well illustrated and captures the emotions very well. My son loves this book and at the tender age of 7 struggles with his own emotions so this book explains a lot to him. We often sit and read parts of this book. Has a calming healing effect and very useful. Book for keeps. Great for children and adults alike.
Charlie Reply to on 8 April 2018
A good book but only for dipping into now and again as therapist. The format is too similar for each emotion and more picture examples of faces and stories would be better. .
Lizzie Hart
Lizzie Hart Reply to on 1 June 2016
Brilliant book for my 5YO to read and understand more about how she feels.
Zoe Foster
Zoe Foster Reply to on 7 November 2016
This book has been a helpful way to explain different emotions to my 6 year old daughter. Lovely illustrations and nice clear descriptions. Would highly recommend.
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