Maskedking Tibetan Singing Bowl Cushion (Red):Maskedking
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Tibetan Singing Bowl Cushion (Red):Maskedking

Dharma Store
Dharma Store Published in October 19, 2018, 10:13 pm
 Tibetan Singing Bowl Cushion (Red):Maskedking

Tibetan Singing Bowl Cushion (Red):Maskedking

Price:£2.99+ Free shipping

Christine L.
Christine L. Reply to on 6 August 2018
I do not usually write reviews about products, but I was more than delighted with these gorgeous little singing bowl cushions and strikers, set of 5 of each, all the way from nepal and they arrived much faster than I expected. Really really really pleased with them they are so well made too and packaged very neatly with lovely stamps from nepal. Thank you whoever you are in this company, I love them so so much xoxoxo
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