Maskedking Dulux Silk Polished Pebble, 2.5 L:Maskedking
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Dulux Silk Polished Pebble, 2.5 L:Maskedking

Dulux Published in October 21, 2018, 10:36 am
 Dulux Silk Polished Pebble, 2.5 L:Maskedking

Dulux Silk Polished Pebble, 2.5 L:Maskedking

Price:£13.83+ Free shipping with Karatsell Prime

Treatyoself Reply to on 18 October 2017
Lovely colour and very relaxing
susieq Reply to on 16 November 2017
Really lovely colour went on easily only two coats needed to cover a dark grey matt paint was so easy to put on really impressed I’m rubbish at painting and it was a small downstairs toilet area which is difficult this was best paint I’ve used in this area!
Tigerlilly Reply to on 10 January 2018
Lovely colour which I've used previously. Coverage is good and providing you're careful isn't drippy either. Wipes off if you have spillagve with a damp cloth but you do need to be quick as it 'goes off' pretty quickly. I've just used this to cover a terracotta coloured wall and it's taken 2 coats to get it toned down as I wanted it to prior to papering. I didn't buy the paint for this purpose but as I had it for my other walls and there was plenty left over I've used it to tone down the strong colour. A third coat would have been needed had I intgended just painint the wall, but the coverage generally is very good and it is easy to apply. The brushes or applicators wash out easily with warm water which is useful.
Dzelena Reply to on 7 June 2018
Never used Silk paint before and must say I loved it.
Both this paint to paint hall wall and I am very happy with colour and quality of this paint. I wish I bought lime green Silk too. On lime green you can see every single stain and grey nothing.
Actually this grey looks a bit like a grey mirror - bright and when you touch it it is a bit slippery, like a waxed.
Also came very well packed, two boxs, plastic bag, tape over a tube. Very pleased with packing.
Hollie Reply to on 13 July 2018
Love this paint.I have used it before and brilliant if you have kids because you can wash the walls of any marks ect. In the process of doing my son's room out and needed more of this colour and read some reviews on packaging and leaks but my came perfectly packed and no leas. Thank you.
stacey Reply to on 3 September 2017
I am in love with the colour of this paint.. totally transformed My sitting room and adds warm but calm feeling to the room... lays down really nice and dried quick, does need to have 2 coats. But it is worth money and the colour is beautiful in my eyes .
SARAH Reply to on 1 August 2018
I love this colour. I bought it in silk. It's easy to apply, and little goes a long way and I know it lasts a long time without colour changes because I just bought it to touch up the job I did in 2010 and really did only need a touch up. Dulux paints are the very best. It was packaged well but the paint had been leaking. Thankfully the packaging prevented the paint from spilling although I did need to wash my hands after unpacking.
bosh Reply to on 27 July 2018
Hallway painted twice with a nice pure brilliant white satin paint . I was very undecided and looked at many greys . I would say a medium grey and not to dark - appreciate more when you see it on your walls . I’m going to consider this for front room or a goose down .
I would recommend this paint for cost , quality and great delivery . Well packaged .
Ian Wantling
Ian Wantling Reply to on 17 February 2018
Very subtle shade of grey, bordering on white. Under artificial room light it was difficult to see the grey tint, however in natural daylight it was there. The 2.5l tub provided enough to cover 3 12ft x 8ft walls with 3 coats. Very pleased with the results.
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 7 January 2018
Great paint, needed two coats on wall lined paper to get good coverage but easy to use and a nice colour
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