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The Death of Stalin:Maskedking

Steve Buscemi
Steve Buscemi Published in September 19, 2018, 7:19 pm
 The Death of Stalin:Maskedking

The Death of Stalin:Maskedking


Martin Stroud
Martin Stroud Reply to on 6 March 2018
I watched the film having missed the chance at the Cinema and I felt it was a very good, self contained comedy drama. Having recently read about the Romanovs and the 1917 Revolution which led to the rise of Lenin and then Stalin, I thought it a cleverly put together comedy. I like the fact that the actors do not attempt dreadful Russian accents but just play themeslves. Steve Buscemi was brilliant, as was Simon Russell Beale and Jeffrey Tambor. Superbly supported by Michael Palin and Paul Whitehouse, including Jason Isaacs, its well worth a watch.
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 31 March 2018
Excellent black comedy, truly wish I could give more than 5* to this film. If like me your unsure to watch it, please do click on rent. Enjoyed film so much went and purchased it.
Subject matter is clearly very dark part of history, but utilising comedy we can see how ridiculous humanity can be, and still is today (and tomorrow I).
Great fast pace, packed full of one liners delivers buy excellent cast. Best comedy film seen in years.
To everyone involved in this - Many thanks
an idiot in england
an idiot in england Reply to on 6 March 2018
Between the laughs and the satire the film depicts a truly horrific moment in history. It takes great skill to weave absurdity, humour, and (according to people more educated than I am), historical accuracy.

If only Ianucci would document some more historic moments, then I wouldn't be half as ignorant. Well maybe.
Cliente Amazon
Cliente Amazon Reply to on 25 March 2018
Anyone familiar with Simon Sebag Motefiore's work will see The Court of the Red Tsar reflected in this movie. Every detail in that book transpires here, from the neurotic and fearful mental state of the population, to Beria's remarkably sudden and unexpected apperturist ideas for the future, to the general frivolity and boys-club mentality of the soviet central committee. Potentially, a mirror in which the court of the Bald Tsar sees itself reflected nowadays. To fully appreciate the truthfulness of the story and characters, read Montefiore's book.
JMD Reply to on 28 July 2018
An extremely dark comedy about the tortured and vicious succession struggle that followed the incapacitation and death of the Soviet dictator, Stalin, as his closest comrades jostle amongst themselves with the lives of thousands of Russian in the balance. Many very strong performances as the politburo who go to war with each other, whilst trying to present an ordered and procedural transition. The brutality and apparent randomness of these events on individuals and on masses as the balance of power shifts is quite breath-taking in its shockingness, even as the outcome and indeed the aftermath is well known.
Steve Reply to on 23 March 2018
Superb film , darkly comic. Portrayal of Beria exactly right mix of monstrous , vindictiveness and jollity ( give that man Russell Beale an Oscar ) and inspired having the cast use their own accents rather than cod Russian . Plenty of great performances but for me most memorable (and true to the actual time )was Michael Palin as Molotov and his justification of Stalin's treatment of his wife , imprisoned several floors below Politburo meetings. Again , really impressive acting . Finally -Portrayal of Zhukov made me laugh out loud , full of spirit, vim and guile !
Aaron J. Fortune
Aaron J. Fortune Reply to on 27 August 2018
This is a brilliant, witty black-comedy, a uniquely British satire that accurately depicts in spirit the chaos following the death of Stalin. It takes liberties with the details; some dramatic licenses have clearly been taken, but the farce was real. Stalin murdered 25 million people, mostly his own, and some will have difficulty with the levity in the film, but I believe it mocks the brutal dictator and his savage and corrupt cohorts to great effect and subjects them all to the derision they deserve.
Dr. Patrick A. G. Degenaar
Dr. Patrick A. G. Degenaar Reply to on 15 August 2018
We have the impression that government are a bunch of posh boys that know what they are doing. The contrast to that perceived reality makes the death of Stalin all the more interesting. It is a fascinating and important period of history and portrayed very nicely in this film
Shoshone11 Reply to on 24 June 2018
A very black comedy full of sharp biting humour and cynicsm. Based on factual events Armando Ianucci has produced what to my mind is the best film of 2017. The more times you watch this film the more times you will pick up something you previously missed. Why does it work? Answer because no one attempts a russian accent. Jason Issacs steals the film as Georgi Zhukov who apparently comes from deepest darkest yorkshire!!!!
This film should have a six star rating at least!!! Yes i am biased in my opinion but if you have not seen it you really have missed a fantastic film. Buy it and enjoy with family and friends.
P. G. Russell
P. G. Russell Reply to on 21 March 2018
So few movies made these days bring pleasure to anyone female and over 30 . . . but this one is superb. Black, acerbic humour helps to cast an almost surreal light on this poor beleaguered society. The acting - excellent; the script - razor sharp. I can see myself watching this film over and over again!
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