Maskedking sourcingmap 50 Pcs 5mm Round Head Common Cathode RGB Light LED Emitting Diodes:Maskedking
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sourcingmap 50 Pcs 5mm Round Head Common Cathode RGB Light LED Emitting Diodes:Maskedking

Unknown Published in September 19, 2018, 7:04 pm
 sourcingmap 50 Pcs 5mm Round Head Common Cathode RGB Light LED Emitting Diodes:Maskedking

sourcingmap 50 Pcs 5mm Round Head Common Cathode RGB Light LED Emitting Diodes:Maskedking

Price:£2.99+ Free shipping

The Mechanic
The Mechanic Reply to on 26 June 2016
It is a good LED, whitout having a proper datasheet from the manufacturer (!) and I burned few colours by mistake. Finally, I made some measurements of the resistors to limit the current to usual values 5/10/20[mA] applying usual voltages 5-12[V]. Brightness is pretty big even for 5[mA] current. The attached diagram can help to find the nearest normalized values for the resistors to each colour.
Pem Reply to on 27 July 2015
Excellent brightness - great for indicators bordering on dark room illumination. Found the green to be brightest according to my eye sensitivity, then the blue.
However on activating the white, all three colours, I needed to supply the red through a 23 (then 19) ohm resistor.
Noticed the Description gives power output at 3W. I have pasted MY PRE-BURNOUT notes, I do not have variable equipment so they are a rough guide. Can't imagine the diode working with 6 times more continuous power. The current has gone from 38mA to 39.9mA in the last 2 hours.

With 4 LEDs in series across a 11.89V supply Voltage across Blue, Green, Red and White LEDs are 3.48V, 3.58V, 2.11V and 2.72V across the White LED set (including the 19 ohm resistor in series with the Red LED). 38mA flowing through the lot. So the Green LED is 94.2 ohm, etc. The set of LEDs seem to take an overall power of 0.45 Watts
jose Reply to on 3 November 2013
After not understanding why my circuit did not work, and as I had bought 50 pieces, I thought: "What the hell! I'll just burn these 6" and switched the polarity. And the circuit started working.

I quadrupled checked the circuit and so far all 16 LED's I tested /used were common anode and not common cathode.

They work as expected. Was not expecting a super bright, room lighting thing, but they seem to behave well.

Secondly, they are diffused (not clear-headed), which, for me, turned out better.

I rated 5 stars because for the price you get neat 50 LEDs.
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 14 January 2016
Very bright. Common negative pin, and R, G, B positives. Red is fainter than blue and green, so I use smaller resistor to get higher current.
Great for arduino and especially PWM.
Aging geek
Aging geek Reply to on 19 November 2013
These work well with reasonable brightness for the price. Unlike the experience of some reviewers, all 50 of mine were common cathode. I was hoping some might be common anode so that I had a selection to play with, but I can't downgrade a review for the product being exactly what was advertised.
David Nicholson
David Nicholson Reply to on 22 January 2016
Met my requirements admirably. Nice and bright, but to match the light levels I had to increase the current through the green led by more than 3 times to 10 mA whereas the red LED only needed 3mA
M. B. Davison
M. B. Davison Reply to on 31 July 2015
Excellent LEDs. Very bright - (inevitably?) all three colours aren't the same brightness to the human eye.
My only concern is that I wonder how much current they draw since I'm planning on using them with my Raspberry Pi. Hardly the manufacturer's problem :)
Jonny Reply to on 11 July 2018
good leds not tried them all yet but the ones i have work weel
Chalkie Black
Chalkie Black Reply to on 27 December 2014
personal feedback on these until recently I found the 5mm leds not a patch on readily available 3mm but when I tested these I was sold and bought a 100 to keep and the packaging was superb they took care to see they reached the buyer intact
Reviver Reply to on 14 October 2017
Do what they're supposed to do, 49 out the 50 worked as they should have done one did not work on blue.
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