Maskedking Twelve Days Revolution 1956. How the Hungarians tried to topple their Soviet masters:Maskedking
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Twelve Days Revolution 1956. How the Hungarians tried to topple their Soviet masters:Maskedking

Victor Sebestyen
Victor Sebestyen Published in September 19, 2018, 7:00 pm
 Twelve Days Revolution 1956. How the Hungarians tried to topple their Soviet masters:Maskedking

Twelve Days Revolution 1956. How the Hungarians tried to topple their Soviet masters:Maskedking


Mr. D. J. Walford
Mr. D. J. Walford Reply to on 24 May 2012
I have read extensively on the history of Communist Eastern Europe, however, one blind spot has always been the 1956 Hungarian Rising. Thanks to Mr. Sebetsyen, this topic is covered in a ground breaking and monumental way.

I had no idea just how much the Soviet Union interfered in the quashing of this event and Sebetsyen covers the account of how the revolution was ruthlessly and callously destroyed by the Russians. Divided into three very concise and well researched parts, the book covers the before, during and afterwards in a detailed narrative history which highlights just how close the Hungarians came to becoming a Western style democracy.

Lies, damn lies and Soviet politicians helped to persecute and ultimately defeat the Hungarian freedom fighters whilst at the same time, allowed an equally rebellious Poland a certain amount of self-determination. A period of history which needs to be read and researched.

Very good and very informative.
J. C. Watson
J. C. Watson Reply to on 8 November 2016
I've read a few books on the subject of the 56 Uprising, and I'd rate this as a nice easy middle ground.
If you want a good overview then this is perfect, an easy read that doesn't get bogged down in details... though naturally this could also be seen as a downfall.
I did pick up on a few simple errors though, which does nag at me and makes me question the rest of the information provided. For instance continually mentioning the "Hammer & Sickle" in the middle of the Hungarian Communist Party's crest, and in turn the national flag, when it was in fact a hammer and wheat sheaf. Simple thing, I know, maybe unimportant, but then still an error, one that with even the slightest knowledge or research should not have been made. There were a few other small bits like this that made me lack trust in the rest of the information.

I'd also suggest that it is written with a very soviet friendly slant, well at least that was the impression I took away from it.
gayle_afcb Reply to on 20 June 2015
A poart of Hungarian history that fascinates me & by all accounts this account is a pretty accurate reflection of the 12 days of the revolution. Easy to read, in terms of it flowing well, not so easy to be able to comprehend the pure evilness (in my mind) of what brought it all to an abrupt end.
K. Vadaszffy
K. Vadaszffy Reply to on 28 July 2013
A perfect exploration of all the events of the Revolution of 1956. I used this as part of the research for my next novel and it provided me with every bit of information needed. Recommended for its depth - and the emotional response it's able to generate in its reader.
Eric T.
Eric T. Reply to on 4 March 2018
Well written, chronologically well laid out, would recommend.
Rich Reply to on 16 April 2016
Extremely well written, informative and keeps you wanting to read on. 2nd book by Victir I have read and not disappointed. Anyone wanting to know more about the history of the Soviet Union and it's central European states should seek out Victors books
Anonymous Reply to on 12 December 2012
Being very familiar with the Stalinist era in Russia and Poland I was keen to find something readable about Hungary, about which I am considerably less knowledgeable. I really enjoyed this book, it described events in detail without being burdensome and difficult to follow, the maps and pronunciation guide at the beginning were also very useful, especially for a non speaker of Hungarian! Would definitely recommend for anyone interested in the Cold War, or Eastern Europe in the last 60 years.
P J Ginnings
P J Ginnings Reply to on 13 April 2017
Arrived on time and as described.
G. D. Pelling
G. D. Pelling Reply to on 18 January 2014
If you are a modern history buff and you want to know about this revolution, this is a well written account of this peoples uprising.
mossikan Reply to on 25 October 2016
The writing was clean, the research was thorough. Highly recommended to anyone interested in history, or to anyone at all.
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