Maskedking Zellar Car Boot Liner, Universal Waterproof 2-in-1 Boot Liner Rear Car Back Seat Protector Pet Dog Cat Cover Mat Fits Cars, Trucks, SUV:Maskedking
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Zellar Car Boot Liner, Universal Waterproof 2-in-1 Boot Liner Rear Car Back Seat Protector Pet Dog Cat Cover Mat Fits Cars, Trucks, SUV:Maskedking

Zellar Published in October 19, 2018, 10:12 pm
 Zellar Car Boot Liner, Universal Waterproof 2-in-1 Boot Liner Rear Car Back Seat Protector Pet Dog Cat Cover Mat Fits Cars, Trucks, SUV:Maskedking

Zellar Car Boot Liner, Universal Waterproof 2-in-1 Boot Liner Rear Car Back Seat Protector Pet Dog Cat Cover Mat Fits Cars, Trucks, SUV:Maskedking

Price:£25.99+ Free shipping with Warezcrack Prime

Demon Pixel
Demon Pixel Reply to on 29 March 2018
After much searching I decided to give this product a try -- you can easily spend hundreds on custom fitted boot mats for cars.

This will essentially do the same for a lot less! You could even buy multiples and still be better off.
This product is large -- and will easily extend across the full length of an most estate car boots with the seats down. I leave mine folded (Saab 95 estate) and it's plenty big enough.

The underside has some rubberized 'grip' material which helps the product to stay in place when use, the end flap is ideal for covering the bumper and avoiding dirt and scratches from your dog jumping in or just for protecting the paintwork when loading the boot.

Its not heavily padded, but there is a little there that helps for comfort.

The only improvement I could see would be too make it higher at the side as unless turned sideways it wont cover the side carpet panels of the boot (in my case) -- but it definitely works perfectly for keeping the majority of the boot space clean and tidy.

Good product - thankyou
John Reply to on 26 February 2018
I bought the large version of this boot liner for a Toyota Avensis estate. The quality is great but the size is enormous - I also have an E Class Merc estate and the large size is way too big for that too. I have ended up by cutting about a metre from the liner and it is now manageable!

However the sizing is my fault as I made assumptions rather than taking measurements. The liner is very well made and does the job well - just go for the smaller sizes!
Colm Roberts
Colm Roberts Reply to on 5 January 2018
Immediate impressions are Good quality and good price. Fitted to Landrover Discovery 4. No fiddly Velcro straps that break. Plenty of length that ensures all boot carpet covered - including tail “flap” - some vendors have this in two parts!
Jamoal Reply to on 8 May 2018
This is a very large padded plastic boot protector. It is over long for my Focus estate but is easily folded under to be neat and tidy. I have a plastic basin containing lots of bits which is lying loose and it has not been sliding about as I thought it might do. It only comes up the sides by two or three inches so it does not protect the sides of the boot area (apart from the back of the back seats). I do not have animals in the back of the car so this is an ideal protector for my purposes. Money well spent.
JG Reply to on 6 July 2018
This is the second boot protector that I have bought for my Mk3 Honda CRV. The first being a good product was a little too small for my needs. The Zeller was larger but I was concerned that it could have been too big. On fitting the cover I found the length to be almost perfect fitting right up the backs of the folded rear seats. The material seems fine and I look forward to using the cover. I have no dogs but carry numerous items that could damage or soil the cars interior. I would recommend this product to other SUV owners.
G. M. Dawson
G. M. Dawson Reply to on 21 March 2018
this product seems to be well built and covers the back of the back seats so they are kept clean, the flap to cover the bumper is the full width of the car leaving the bumper completely covered even to the sides of the boot opening, I prenatally carry a Jive Mobility Power chair and have a Plastic Boot liner that is now on top of Boot Mat so every thing will now be kept nice and clean.
Chris C
Chris C Reply to on 3 September 2018
This product really keeps the whole back-seat area of my SUV nice and clean, and well protected. Very sturdy, very easy to install, a great purchase to protect the back interior of my vehicle. I don't have a dog, but this cover offers full dirt protection when the kids are in the back seat after a day in the country or at the beach, or if I'm carrying various items on the back seat and want to avoid any possible damage. Very happy with the product.
Guy Reply to on 22 May 2018
I really really like the look and the quality of this product hence the 5 stars but,and this is.nt the sellers fault as the dimensions given were clear and correct,i really wanted something that sat higher up the sides of the car interior but i could.nt find this anywhere from anyone.also the length(which i bought for the larger width)is so long that it fills my car double over with the back 2 seats down and my car(a ford s max)is a pretty big car,so i.m not sure what the overkill with the length is all about?no worries tho as doubled over means extra thickness and extra protection but i would have liked a wider fit for better protection up the sides.still a great product tho
Mike B
Mike B Reply to on 30 April 2018
I bought this for a BMW 2018 5 series touring. Lengthwise its great, lots of material to cover the bumper. It comes about 100mm up each side of the boot, which is ok. The loops fitted easily around the rear headrest supports. The quality seems good, and the dog likes it, especially with a towel or something similar over the mat so it's not too slippery. Should do a good job of protecting the boot carpeting.
Silverwych Reply to on 7 March 2018
This liner is great, bought the large to fit the back of a Tucson - perfectly wide enough and the flap hangs over the bumper which means our German shepherd no lingers scratches it when she miss times her jumps! Really pleased with it, looks a good substantial material so no more scruffy dog haired boot!!
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